2011 US economy will rebound via a sub-economy and social shopping!

Driven by a burgeoning group of entrepreneurs there is a track of 19 years of continuous growth even through the 9/11 catastrophe. A small population of folks have partnered with the internet franchising concept and garnered a substantial secondary income. Many of these pioneers have replaced their primary income to be freelance internet franchisees via the Unfranchise system. The system MarketAmerica.com just this week acquired shop.com to establish a whole new sub-economy providing all of these entrepreneurs the opportunity to achieve their dreams of time and money freedom. The new paradigm provides for a social habitat where goods and services are delivered via the new economy in the network. These pioneers that have partnered with the network are also vendors within their network and shop ‘socially’. The premise is based on the notion that people hate to be ‘sold’ and love to ‘buy’.

The concept can be viewed by contacting the author of this blog and successful internet franchise owner Jeff Moskowitz at bizmgr@gmail.com or by phone 603-858-2584



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